Free casino games: the most popular slots in 2019

Free casino games that can gain popularity in 2020

There are thousands of incredible free casino games that anyone can play for fun only. Some of these casino games for free have gained worldwide popularity, and others, despite their stunning graphics, still cannot get even 3 points of 10 possible ones in the players’ online ratings. Although much depends on the taste of a person, it is evident that if one and the same game is called great, it is at least very good. The most popular games in 2019 have been already named.

The most popular free casino games in 2019

All top- listed games are approximately on one, the highest level. Most of these no download no registration free casino games are not new, but they are updated versions of the slots, developed a bit earlier. They are:

  • Book of Dead. It belongs to the best Play’n’Go free casino games that resemble the famous Book of Ra that has been also on the list of the coolest casino online games.
  • Jumanji. This is a popular updated NetEnt game, although it does not resemble a famous movie with Dwayne Johnson. The player will deal with lions, monkeys, rhinos and more. The slot is packed with several features and bonus games.
  • Warlords – Crystals of Power. NetEnt has created another beautiful story, but the good thing is that it is one of the most beneficial free casino slot games with bonus rounds.
  • Jungle Books. This Yggdrasil slot that appeared in 2018, looks still new. Its incredible variety of functions and the pure graphics processing fascinate. This is simply a brilliant video slot that can be played both for money and for free.

Other free online casino games that were called “the best” one in 2019 include Gonzo’s Quest and famous Planet of the Apes (NetEnt), Big Bad Wolf (Quickspin), Jack and the Beanstalk (also NetEnt company).

2020 online games trends

It is expected that in 2020, the number of mobile free casino games will grow sufficiently, and social casinos will get more fame than now. Virtual Reality games can become cheaper, and, as a result, the number of VR players will grow. Blockchain and Bitcoin slots popularity can go to the Moon: the changes are expected at the cryptocurrency market, and they can affect the gambling market as well.

The USA players have been waiting for gambling online legalization, and it can become a reality very soon. Besides, cybersport and skill-based games will be in trend. It seems that the classic land-based casinos will become something exotic. The share of the online sector is growing too fast. Nevertheless, ground-based establishments can still recoup in this battle. To succeed, they must start to innovate and dilute the classics with something fresh and interesting.

Casino games online: what it is and how to play

Casino games: all popular kinds of casino entertainment and their features

The best casino games and slots for real money are those in which the minimum advantage of the house is laid down, respectively, more chances to win. These lucrative casino card games are best suited for frequent play and developing strategies to get consistent wins.

The variety of popular games

Among the names of casino free casino slot games on the Internet, most often the user can meet the following:

  • card games;
  • online slots;
  • table games;
  • video poker;
  • games in live mode;
  • scratch cards;
  • arcade games;
  • progressive jackpot games.

Let’s analyze each of these entertainments in more detail and talk a bit about the rules of casino games.

Traditionally, a large section of free casino games in a virtual casino belongs to the cards. Thanks to the fascinating process that accompanies the confrontation against other players or the dealer, this entertainment has a large army of fans. Those who are used to thinking play games of online games from this type of entertainment. A good result here depends not only on luck, but also on the skills of the players. In addition, the advantage of a virtual institution over a player in the cards is one of the least.

One of the most popular games is blackjack. In it, the advantage of an online resource, depending on various combinations of cards, is only 0.5%. With successful hands, the player has a significant chance of success. The main task for the player is to collect a combination of cards, which will be better on points than the dealer. It is not necessary to have 21 to win the draw.

If players take any online casino with real money games, then by opening the gallery, players will find that most of it contains slots. These are the most common online gambling. They are in high demand due to the simplicity and comprehensibility of the rules.

Scratch cards are another easy way to play online games. Special cards that contain closed symbols are used here. By opening cards in turn, the casino client needs to receive a prize combination. There are additional winnings after opening bonus symbols. Another approach is also used when the client must guess from the three options where the prize symbol is located.

How to choose the best game in 2020?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the very concept of “the best game” will always be subjective, since the preferences of casino customers can differ radically.

  • If the main goal is to achieve a positive result at all costs, then the models with the highest theoretical return will be the best casino table games.
  • If the player want to give brains a warm-up, then the player better sit down at the blackjack table.
  • Does the player want to personally experience how popular betting systems work? Go to roulette.
  • Want to remember the childhood? Play fabulous slot machines.

In general, the choice of the best game should begin with the definition of goals.

Casino Games Online: The World of the Greatest Gambling Entertainment

The world of casino games online

If you are looking for the world full of excitement, competition and enormous wins, the world of online casino games is for you. If you are looking for entertainment, big money, or personal improvement, the casino doors are always opened for you.

Many countries enjoy casino gambling. Whether you are interested in online casino games Canada or looking for a particular casino game online UK, you will not be disappointed.

Types of casino games online

Casino games differ in many ways including what instruments it uses, what odds it has, how bets are placed, if it depends on any skills or not, etc. The huge variety of casino online games can be defined into such categories:

  • Slots. Easy and bright casino games online with the great bonus system to spin and line up images;
  • Online casino table games including card / dice games and roulette;
  • Video poker. Poker games played on slot machines;
  • Specialty games including all other games like bingo, lottery, keno, scratch tickets and so on.

Each type has a great number of exciting and interesting real casino games online that can also bring you great winnings.

Slot machines to play in casinos

These easiest casino games aim at lining up particular images to win. They can be divided into following types:

  1. classic slots with 3 reels and from 1 to a few paylines;
  2. thematic video slots with 5 and more reels and multiple diagonal, vertical and horizontal paylines and extra games and bonus rounds;
  3. progressive slots that are like video slots with a huge common jackpot pool.

Each type is extremely exciting to play.

Casino game online roulette

This incredible game uses a wheel with specific numbered red, black and green pockets and a small ball rolled on it. Red and black pockets are 36, and green can be one or two depending on whether it is European or American style.

Inside bets are made on a particular number of a pocket, in which the ball will presumably land. Outside bets are made on presumptions of the color and even/odd characteristic of the pocket as well as a range of numbers.

Casino games online: craps

This American game uses two dice, and players make their bets against the casino on the results of these dice rolling. Craps usually have bigger odds than many other casino games, since the probability of combinations can be calculated. Craps also developed many variations.

The main bets in this game are “pass” and “don’t pass”. The result of a two, three or twelve fails ‘pass’ bets and favors ‘don’t pass’ bets. The result of a seven and eleven favors ‘pass’ bets. All other sets trigger the point shot.

Odds of casino games

The best odds go to blackjack, craps and roulette. These games have quite a low house edge and potential high payouts. They guarantee at least small returns due to good probability.

Slots and the Wheel of Fortune have the worst odds. The house edge is extremely high and starts from at least 11.2% for the wheel and much more for slots. The jackpot images usually have the least number of virtual stops, which lower the chances to hit them and win.