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Good Writing Citations!

Good Writing Citation #1

Good writing should be noticed and praised, and this is the section where we intend to do it!  Kicking off what we hope will become a long and proud list of examples of excellent interpretative writing is Hayward Gallery’s Light Show.  Of course it is easier to write about work that is so spectacular and experiential that it really does speak for itself, but how’s this for a clear introduction to what the exhibition is about:

“Throughout history, artists have been fascinated by light and its nature, behaviour and peculiarities. But it is only in the last hundred years that actual light has become a medium for art. In the first half of the twentieth century, with the development of technology and increasing questioning of traditional art forms, artists began to experiment with the visual and sensory effects of artificial light. Often taking their cue from the theatre, these pioneering works included dynamic light displays which directly involved the viewer. Light Show takes up the story in the early 1960s. At that time, when new alliances were being forged within art, science, technology and industry, artists on both sides of the Atlantic were investigating light and its power to transform space, and to influence and alter perception…..

 You can read the full text here.

2 comments on “Good Writing Citation #1

  1. Lucy Harland on said:

    I was glad to see the original version of this in the pdf. It’s obviously much easier to read in the original context and layout without the long line length of a dialogue box. So thanks for offering both versions.

    I like the idea of identifying good practice but context is all. I use a piece of text from the Courtauld which wouldn’t pass through my computer unscathed but which worked fantastically well for the specific audience it was aimed at. So the more context, the better!


  2. Lucy Harland on said:

    When I said ‘use’, I meant in a training context. I want to show people that the right tone/voice for their text really does depend on who they are talking to.

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