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The Interpretation Matters Handbook!

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I am thrilled to announce that after eight months gestation at the publisher, The Interpretation Matters Handbook is finally available to buy!

Email talk@interpretationmatters.com to order your copy

£15 per copy + p&p 

The Interpretation Matters Handbook is all about the writing produced by art galleries for public information. This book humorously challenges your preconceived ideas and interrogates accepted notions of the art language found in galleries. It wonders if simpler language can be used to communicate better – because, good writing matters.


Between occasional rants, deconstructions of words and phrases, brilliant images, visitor voxpops, excellent contributions from experts in the field, along with the odd impulse to re-write in bold felt tip, there are serious discussions here about written interpretation practice. If you’re a regular gallery visitor, work in the visual arts, study art or curating, then this is the book for you.

This invaluable guide to all things artspeak contains interviews and features from top arts professionals, including:

  • Artists Richard Wilson, David Blandy and Emily Speed, who share their experiences of being written about by galleries.

  • Dr Penelope Curtis explaining her thinking behind the “Walk Through British Art” at Tate Britain – with responses to Tate by three arts professionals.

  • Renowned curators Lewis Biggs, Omar Kholeif and Gerardo Mosquera, who reveal their approaches to interpretation for exhibitions they curate around the world.

  • Simon Martin, Artistic Director of Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, who explains their approach.

  • Dr Abigail Harrison Moore and Amanda Phillips, who detail their collaboration between students and Leeds Art Gallery.

  • Artists Luborimov-Easton, who defend their use of art language – with a response by artist and writer Alistair Gentry.

  • Writer and critic Dany Louise, who shares why she thinks good writing really matters, and explores the different facets of a complex subject.


Welcome to Interpretation Matters!

Interpretation Matters is all about the written material found in galleries - the text panels on the walls, providing context for the work on show, and the printed booklets that describe the works or overall programme. Usually "under-the-radar", the aim of this site is to highlight this important area of gallery practice.

Interpretation Matters is conceived and directed by arts writer Dany Louise.

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