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You’ve read the book, now do the Interpretation Matters Workshops!

Following the success of The Interpretation Matters Handbook, we are now offering a workshop programme specially devised for galleries. These bespoke workshops are designed to explore and review your written interpretation processes and materials, working with both staff and audiences.

Working strategically with each gallery, we work with staff across the organisation in order to:

  • Understand the character of your organisation.
  • Identify the specific language that best represents it.
  • Explore and review your system for producing interpretation.
  • Look at what makes writing excellent, adequate and poor.
  • Give staff practice at writing for your audiences.
  • Create a bespoke experience that addresses each organisation’s specific context.

Do you know what your audience thinks of the information you produce for them?

The second stage works with your audiences, testing how well your current written texts are working at the point that audiences interact with them. It asks specifically what they need from it, and how it can best meet those needs.

A key principle underpinning this new programme is that it is a self-reflective process that captures useful intelligence in a format that galleries can use to inform future practice. We work with you at each point to understand your needs, and offer analysis, feedback and actions to take forward.

“The workshop programme opened a door for us, beginning a process of cultural change. It is intelligent and informed, and Dany Louise understands the sector.”

Stewart Drew, Director, De La Warr Pavilion.


The workshops are led by writer Dany Louise and artist Alistair Gentry.

Dany Louise is a writer and arts professional. She originated the Interpretation Mattersproject in 2013 with support from Arts Council England. Alistair Gentry is an artist and writer, as well an experienced educator and performer.


Does this sound like something your organisation could benefit from? Contact Dany Louise for a free confidential discussion.


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Welcome to Interpretation Matters!

Interpretation Matters is all about the written material found in galleries - the text panels on the walls, providing context for the work on show, and the printed booklets that describe the works or overall programme. Usually "under-the-radar", the aim of this site is to highlight this important area of gallery practice.

Interpretation Matters is conceived and directed by arts writer Dany Louise.

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