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The Interpretation Matters Workshop Experience at the De la Warr Pavilion

Ron, a DLWP gallery volunteer

Ron, a DLWP gallery volunteer

And his fabulous T-shirt, worn especially for the DLWP workshop!

And his fabulous T-shirt, worn especially for the DLWP workshop!








The IM team had already achieved the impossible; to have representatives from many sectors of the building together in one place at the same time was no small feat! Participating were the directors, press and marketing department, curators, front of house managers, volunteers, gallery invigilators and our online and social media person. And this miracle was not a one off, but instalment one of two! So, within this somewhat novel, though not unhappy environment, we found ourselves greeted by the delightful combination of Dany and Alistair, self-described as our very own ‘good cop, bad cop’ team…”

One strand of the Interpretation Matters project is a programme of workshops designed to encourage the whole organisation to discuss their written interpretation in practice and process. The idea is that by putting concentrated time aside, the organisation can examine and review how they work and whether they want to make changes. The second aspect that has proved particularly valuable is a focus on writing techniques and how the organisation perceives its identity. The workshop asks if these crucial elements of a public identity are integrated, or is there opportunity for greater self-expression?

The De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill, East Sussex, has been the first organisation to undergo The Interpretation Matters Workshop Experience! Invigilator Anna Graebe gives her first hand account of what happened on a new page on the Resources section of the site here: http://interpretationmatters.com/?page_id=553

It’s a thoughtful analysis of what happened and its value to the De La Warr Pavilion. If after reading it you think that this is a process that would be beneficial for your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact me on talk@interpretationmatters.com


Welcome to Interpretation Matters!

Interpretation Matters is all about the written material found in galleries - the text panels on the walls, providing context for the work on show, and the printed booklets that describe the works or overall programme. Usually "under-the-radar", the aim of this site is to highlight this important area of gallery practice.

Interpretation Matters is conceived and directed by arts writer Dany Louise.

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